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What happens on Net - welcomes in the yard!


Convert your valuable skills or hobby to real money!


Sell an unwanted item or borrow — something handy from your neighbors


Stay up-to-date with what's happening in native regions

Susid.Online is social massnet for neighbors and communities

Susid.Online — Helping to build stronger and safer communities, find a great babysitter, borrow a ladder, sell your handcrafted closes or unwanted items or even invite the neighbors for the kid's party. There are no followers or ads agents, its place where you learn how to speak with your neighbors and share local news. When neighbors connect, good things happen. You just need an easier way to connect with them.

Discover your neighbors
Share reference — read recommendations

Recommend and discover the best things around you from markets and family-friendly events to art classes and sales or trusted service. Get to know your neighbours, make new friends and find locals with similar interests.

Discover your neighbors
Solve local issues within your neighborhood!

Susid.Online is a communication platform that allows neighbors to mobilize and get stuff done like never before. Start a joint petition to a local agency to solve community issue; begin crowdfunding to buy new playground or a fence, or a flower garden; notify the local authorities about the emergency condition of the elevator or the damage with the heat supply system.

Discover your neighbors
Offer your services and order services for your neighbors

Inform your neighbors about your talents or skills, so that they can take advantage of your services. In return, your neighbors can offer you the service that will be the best, nearby and the most convenient for you.

Discover your neighbors
Connect with your neighbors — wherever you are!

Connect with your neighbors to stay informed and share important local information. Share with your neighbor's local news, recommendations and issues. Make the most of a one-stop shop to hear from and interact with your community organizations and leaders.

Discover your neighbors
Promote your localBusiness

Free local advertising and promotion to connect your business with the local community. Target local residents with free advertising and promotions, share knowledge and discuss issues with other local businesses and build stronger relationships with your local customers.

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Public local agencies at your service!

Susid.Online help Public Agencies and the association of co-owners of the multi-apartment building (ACMH), local services and leader of territorial communities to inform residents about their services, activities, projects, vacancies. etc. Post important messages and requests for information from neighbors.

Opportunities for public agencies